The over 25’s Body Transformation Programme

Thank you for showing interest in our The over 25’s Body Transformation Programme

Here I ONLY work with the very best over 25’s who are desperate to get back into their new smaller clothes than there are now,

I educate you to do or the hard work you just have to show up at the gym and get you grove on boost their confidence, and who have tried local gyms in the past and been left a little frustrated with lack of results.

The 6 Week Programme is 100% based around what Drew’s Mum or Dad would need from a programme.That is the reason we have created it.

  •  We’ll help out with nutrition (you don’t have to give up wine or beer)
  • We’ll help with calorie burning, body shaping workouts (with great variety and fun too)
  • We’ll help with accountability too, to help you achieve what you set out to do!

Not to mention the support and community of everyone being in the same boat.

If you fancy applying and or for a chat, then the first step is to answer the 9 quick questions below. Then one of the team will be in contact you.

Thanks, Drew and the Training Club Team 🙂

Are You Prepared To Invest In Yourself For The Next 6 Weeks To Achieve This Goal?

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